Caffeine Information and Optimization

Great overview of the dietary benefits and disadvantages of caffeine.

Health Optimizing



Caffeine is a central nervous system and metabolic stimulant, therefore promoting alertness and evading tiredness.

It can promote, in proper doses(from Bolton S “Caffeine: Physchological Effects, Use, and Abuse”):


-faster/clearer though flow

-increased focus

-increased body coordination.


Caffeine in proper doses has been shown to increase muscle performance (Coso et al. recommends 3mg/kg of caffeine to improve certain maximal power exercises)

Caffeine has diuretic(promotes urination) and pressor(constricts blood vessels-raising blood pressure) properties but with prolonged use, tolerance builds.

Tolerance typically develops quickly in autonomic stimulations such as increased heart rate and muscle twitching, but the cognitive(arousal) effects of caffeine doesn’t diminish to such a degree.

Because of the diuretic effects, its important to increase your water intake proportionally to your caffeine consumption. Great ways of increasing water intake include cucumbers, cantaloupe, and other water-based fruits and vegetables. As well, coconut…

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