The Infamous “Leg Day”

Here’s a good leg workout to try out, with some helpful tips for how to prepare for a workout.

The Fit Foodie Recipe

Sounds so cliche, sorry. But today was in fact leg day. I wanted to share with you all what this exercise recipe consisted of.

Like in all food recipes, there’s a preparation. So for my workout, my preparation was drinking 8oz of good ole water with one banana 15 minutes prior to my workout. Without going into full scientific detail, it’s important to fuel our bodies before exercise. We have a certain amount of glucose stores that our bodies depend on for energy through the workout. If you don’t have food, your body has to tap into glycogen stores which is what you don’t want. This fatigues you faster, decreases your blood sugar, and it not preferred. Make sure you intake about 20g of CHO (carbs) prior to your workout. And yes, fruit has carbs.

So after my preparation, I started with a warm-up on the track for 10 minutes…

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