KETTLEBELL TRAINING – Not just for the boys…

A great summary of how kettle bell training can benefit you, especially for women!

Bethany Joy

It is safe to say that the old mentality that boys do weights and girls do cardio is well and truly out. Part of the reason that I love the gym and my fitness regime now is because I focus on strength. I was never a keen runner and found the conventional method of training at the gym boring – warm up, treadmill, lunges, cross trainer, rowing machine, light stretching, cool down – it was just never my thing. I hated the segregation and being banned to the cardio section with all the other women and I envied the girls with the self-confidence and knowledge that blazed the trail in the weights section. After being introduced to a Kettlebell I thought, “No way, this is not for me”. But surely enough, after just one class, I was hooked. I made my way through the first 4 weeks although I…

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