Patience is a Virtue

Need a little encouragement? Read this fantastic article.

Bethany Joy

If I had a dollar for every time I used this quote, I’d be able to afford the silk Camilla Kaftan I’ve ever so patiently been eyeing off for the last few months. When I began my endeavour to live each day a little better than the one before, I had a few goals in mind that I wanted to achieve.

  1. I wanted to live sustainably. I wanted the hard work I was putting in to be consistent without yo-yo-ing my way through fad diets. The idea of constantly stressing my body by rapidly gaining and losing weight did not appeal to me so I made a pact to make a conscious effort to improve my well being in a healthy manner.
  1. I wanted to be confident. To be able to wear shorts and a sports bra in the gym or a mid-rift top out on a Saturday night. I…

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