Patience is a Virtue

Need a little encouragement? Read this fantastic article.

Bethany Joy

If I had a dollar for every time I used this quote, I’d be able to afford the silk Camilla Kaftan I’ve ever so patiently been eyeing off for the last few months. When I began my endeavour to live each day a little better than the one before, I had a few goals in mind that I wanted to achieve.

  1. I wanted to live sustainably. I wanted the hard work I was putting in to be consistent without yo-yo-ing my way through fad diets. The idea of constantly stressing my body by rapidly gaining and losing weight did not appeal to me so I made a pact to make a conscious effort to improve my well being in a healthy manner.
  1. I wanted to be confident. To be able to wear shorts and a sports bra in the gym or a mid-rift top out on a Saturday night. I…

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KETTLEBELL TRAINING – Not just for the boys…

A great summary of how kettle bell training can benefit you, especially for women!

Bethany Joy

It is safe to say that the old mentality that boys do weights and girls do cardio is well and truly out. Part of the reason that I love the gym and my fitness regime now is because I focus on strength. I was never a keen runner and found the conventional method of training at the gym boring – warm up, treadmill, lunges, cross trainer, rowing machine, light stretching, cool down – it was just never my thing. I hated the segregation and being banned to the cardio section with all the other women and I envied the girls with the self-confidence and knowledge that blazed the trail in the weights section. After being introduced to a Kettlebell I thought, “No way, this is not for me”. But surely enough, after just one class, I was hooked. I made my way through the first 4 weeks although I…

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The Infamous “Leg Day”

Here’s a good leg workout to try out, with some helpful tips for how to prepare for a workout.

The Fit Foodie Recipe

Sounds so cliche, sorry. But today was in fact leg day. I wanted to share with you all what this exercise recipe consisted of.

Like in all food recipes, there’s a preparation. So for my workout, my preparation was drinking 8oz of good ole water with one banana 15 minutes prior to my workout. Without going into full scientific detail, it’s important to fuel our bodies before exercise. We have a certain amount of glucose stores that our bodies depend on for energy through the workout. If you don’t have food, your body has to tap into glycogen stores which is what you don’t want. This fatigues you faster, decreases your blood sugar, and it not preferred. Make sure you intake about 20g of CHO (carbs) prior to your workout. And yes, fruit has carbs.

So after my preparation, I started with a warm-up on the track for 10 minutes…

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Vitamin D Lifts Mood During Cold Weather Months

Ever feel more depressed or lonely during the winter? It turns out that some nutritional help could lift your spirits! Check out this great article about taking vitamin D during the winter.

Ever feel more depressed or lonely during the winter? It turns out that some nutritional help could lift your spirits! Check out this great article about taking vitamin D during the winter.

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Caffeine Information and Optimization

Great overview of the dietary benefits and disadvantages of caffeine.

Health Optimizing



Caffeine is a central nervous system and metabolic stimulant, therefore promoting alertness and evading tiredness.

It can promote, in proper doses(from Bolton S “Caffeine: Physchological Effects, Use, and Abuse”):


-faster/clearer though flow

-increased focus

-increased body coordination.


Caffeine in proper doses has been shown to increase muscle performance (Coso et al. recommends 3mg/kg of caffeine to improve certain maximal power exercises)

Caffeine has diuretic(promotes urination) and pressor(constricts blood vessels-raising blood pressure) properties but with prolonged use, tolerance builds.

Tolerance typically develops quickly in autonomic stimulations such as increased heart rate and muscle twitching, but the cognitive(arousal) effects of caffeine doesn’t diminish to such a degree.

Because of the diuretic effects, its important to increase your water intake proportionally to your caffeine consumption. Great ways of increasing water intake include cucumbers, cantaloupe, and other water-based fruits and vegetables. As well, coconut…

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